Something You Need To Become A Professional Author

A bold opening title and if you think we don't live up to it then do please let us know and we can do our best to correct it. Oh yes, and the other thing is a professional manuscript from you, sorry there is not much we can do to help there but we do enable you to connect with others that perhaps can.

We know most of you are also doing this on a small budget, that is something we can help you to address as well as still offer something to the professional author.

So Let's Get To It Why Should Authors
Have A Web Site
Ready To Publish
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Why Should Authors Have A Web Site

An author website is your focal point for readers to keep in touch with you, to find your book promotions and find out what your getting up to. It is a 24 by 7 resource, for readers that you have full control over whom you can update with everything you do.

If you depend on social media networking to take the place of your website, this may be a strategic disaster as it places you at the whims of another party. Large organizations do fail and fall by the wayside, or just come unpopular to users. Take Yahoo and MySpace for example and when they do, you have to start all over again somewhere else. Another reason is that you can't control what Facebook or social media hubs do with the design, with your likes, followers, or with its functionality. They normally do not offer any way to download or backup your data.

E-Commerce is something not usually available except at great expense. The website we offer provides PayPal purchasing. Hosting Request.

A good website gets stronger with you over time and is an investment in your author career that can return great financial reward. Your site puts you directly in touch with your readers.