New and Professional Authors Web Hosting

Package Comparison

Feature Standard Professional Accredited
Setup Free Free Free
Domain pointing Free Free Free
Fee per month £2.00 £5.00 £15.00
Storage 2 GB's free 5 GB's free 15 GB's free
Download 4 GB's free 10 GB's free 50 GB's free
Download quotas apply to all downloaded content including eMails, reports etc
Picture galleries providing automated scrolling of images
Content rotation on professional and accredited packages
Account Categories
Fixed list Fixed list Updateable list
Provides clossed user groups, CUG's, for contact grouping and assigning site privileges to access site functionality
Account Properties
Store any information about registered users for processing later either manually or through automated actions
Automated messages of contact status and manual action entries list
Events calendar for key events occuring on specific dates
Fixed list Updateable list Updateable list
User Registrations
Send personalized emails to registered users either individually or members of an account category (distribution lists)
Such as book reading and signing events open to the public
Event Ticketing
Issue tickets to attendees with an option of charging to attend events
Content Visibility
Visibility levels for site content providing charging levels for viewing different content such as training material and
pre-released material for reviewers