Family Tree

"Come take a walk in the garden with me",
Said Granddad when I visit for tea,
We stroll down the path
Watch birds take a bath,
And pick fat pods of green peas.
Then Granddad stops,
Said, "Look what's grown there!"
And I look and look and I stare.
And I laugh and I laugh
For what did I see?
Bright colours of red, yellow and green,
All hung from a bough,
And I couldn't think how.
Then granddad said, "Listen,
Tis our family tradition...
For every child born into the clan
Be little lady or wee man,
When grandpa they visit,
And if you don't fidget,
A surprise waits for thee."
And what did I see? 
You won't believe me
Magically tied as neat as can be
I saw - just for me
A Lollipop tree.

Story Sharers

A collection of tales for children written by Hillingdon writers

Publication: London Borough of Hillingdon