Elusive Destiny

ISBN 978-1912416-51-6 TSL Publications

Written because of a remark she heard "I'll see you in the next life".

Available: Publisher Bretwalda, Amazon, Kindle

This novel is both a romance and a historical fantasy.

In the thirteenth century, Matthew, in a fit of anger, committed murder and is warned by the Senate that he has altered his destiny. To regain this and Magdalena the love of his life, he is ordered to live one life without breaking a commandment.

This is a daunting challenge and through the centuries he is unable to fulfil the tasks, as the Senate ensures there are difficulties.

The various lives Matthew experiences include such roles as a being smuggler, Bishop, gold prospector.

It is in the 20th century that married Magdalena, now called Marion, finally meets Matthew and is confused when told of his dilemmas. Matthew does his best to convince and when Marion finally reaches the Senate herself she demands that Matthew be released from his punishment so that their destiny can be fulfilled.