A Man From The North East

ISBN 978-1-912416-32-5

Available from TSL Publications

George's twenty first birthday and he is alone trapped in the dark because of a coal mine disaster. The situation is dangerous and he experiences much fear. When he is finally rescued, his mother, who had assumed it was her husband being brought to the surface says a thoughtless remark to George. Because of this he leaves home and makes his way to London.

Here he meets the vagaries of landladies.- some coarse, or amourous, and thieves.

He learns a trade as a stonemason. He marries Evelyn expecting their first child. It is a difficult marriage as Evelyn is possessive and jealous of his love for their daughter.

When George's sister's child, taken by her violent husband and put in an orphanage, then shipped to Australia without her consent, George tracks down the father. Time mellows Evelyn and George and after twenty years of marriage they are at last able to live in harmony.